Less toxic mercury in our water, air and bodies

After our research helped shine a media spotlight on the health problems mercury can cause for young children and babies in utero, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that power plants like the Monroe Power Plant must reduce the amount of mercury they emit by 90 percent.


At 54.5, a big step forward for clean cars

On July 29th, President Obama announced the outline of new clean car standards covering cars and light trucks through 2025, which will amount to the single biggest step this country has ever taken to end our addiction to oil and tackle global warming.


A big step for clean water

After thousands of members of Wisconsin Environment Research and Policy Center and our sister organizations urged the EPA to act, Administrator Jackson announced a plan to restore Clean Water Act protections. We’ve since delivered more than 100,000 public comments in support of clean water protections. We need your help to make sure the public’s voice is heard above the din of corporate lobbyists and special interests.


Lake Michigan defended.

Environment Michigan’s advocacy has helped win numerous victories for the Great Lakes, including stopping pollution from power plants and refineries — like BP’s proposed expansion in 2008, which would have led to hundreds more pounds of toxic waste being dumped into Lake Michigan.


A brighter future for wind and solar.

By tapping the energy of the sun hitting the rooftops of America and the power of the wind blowing off our coasts and across the country, we can meet the energy needs of every household in the nation. New policies we helped win will bring us closer to realizing that potential by making it easier to build wind farms on and offshore, and to put solar panels on our roofs.